David contre Goliath

David B. Ricard
2022 - Documentary - 90 min

Homegrown cinema

David contre Goliath

Québec (Canada)

Trailing three unfinished short films like a ball and chain, David Ricard wishes to make sense of these “failures” and free himself from them. Both an introspective journey and an investigation, he embarks on a seemingly unequal battle against himself. Diving into his anxieties in order to emancipate himself, notably during a symbolic theatrical reenactment with a great display of craftsmanship, the filmmaker reappropriates the images of his unfinished works and revisits his multidisciplinary artistic practice. Playful and profound, David vs. Goliath highlights the complexity of cinematic creation, but also its great liberating power.


In collaboration with Tënk


FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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