Cinépistolaire, épisode 5 - Nour Ouayda, Rhayne Vermette

Episode 5

Rhayne Vermette, Nour Ouayda
2022 - Filmed correspondence - 16 min

Episode 5

French or English



Between Winnipeg and Beirut, Rhayne Vermette and Nour Ouayda take it in turns to create the images of a silent ritual. Are they trying to summon this mysterious lynx, which they both evoke? One through the medium of silver film, the other through video, the filmmakers play a hypnotic game of formal rhymes and reverberating motifs.


RHAYNE VERMETTE was born in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Manitoba. It was while studying architecture at the University of Manitoba that she fell into the practices of image making and storytelling. Primarily self-taught, Rhayne’s films are opulent collages of fiction, animation, documentary, reenactments and divine interruption. Ste. Anne, her first feature narrative, is available on Criterion.


NOUR OUAYDA is a filmmaker, film critic and programmer. She is the deputy director of the Metropolis Cinema Association in Beirut, where she also coordinates the Cinematheque Beirut project. Her films (including One Sea, 10 Seas, which was shown at the RIDM in 2017) and her writing research the practice of drifting in cinema. She has been part of the online magazine Hors champ since 2016.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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