Celles qui luttent

Sarah Baril Gaudet
2023 - Documentary - 85 min

Homegrown cinema

Celles qui luttent

Québec (Canada)
French, English

Azaelle, Loue O’Farrell and LuFisto: the ruthless warriors of the ring engage in spectacular, relentless battles every weekend. Far from the galvanized crowds in front of which they perform, it’s in the intimacy of their homes that these three women open up with sensitivity. They talk about their doubts and the struggles they face on a daily basis: becoming a mother, providing for their families and finding a place for themselves in the male-dominated world of wrestling.


Available on video on demand from May 16 to August 31, 2024.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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