Babysitter de Monia Chokri


Monia Chokri
2022 - Comedy - 87 min

Homegrown cinema


Bleu soir

Québec (Canada), France

Cedric, a newly fathered engineer, is married to Nadine, who is in the midst of a post-partum depression. After having made an inappropriate gesture, widely relayed by social networks, the self-confident male and his virility finds himself unemployed. He then realizes that his attitude is intolerable. Driven by a sincere desire for redemption, he starts writing – as a public apology – a book addressed to all women. Helped by the encouragement of his brother Jean-Michel, a journalist of supposedly high moral standards, the process goes well. Until the strange powers of a sexy babysitter, hired to support the overworked couple, mess up all their certainties.

  • Saturday, August 27, 19:30
    Casa d'Italia

    Casa d'Italia

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