Au-delà des hautes vallées

Maude Plante-Husaruk, Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis
2021 - Documentary - 84 min

Homegrown cinema

Au-delà des hautes vallées

Québec (Canada)

In a remote himalayan region, the villagers of Maikot are preparing for the harvest of a mysterious aphrodisiac caterpillar-mushroom worth more than gold. Lalita, a young mother, had to let go of her dreams after getting married because of the social pressures of her community. As the whole village departs to the mountains, she joins the journey to the high-altitude pasturelands in hope of providing a better life for her family through the hazardous harvest of the rare mushroom. Set against the backdrop of stunning mountainous landscapes, the film presents an intimate and humane portrait of characters that put everything on the line for a chance to ascend to greener pastures. Will the harvest be good this year ? (F3M)


New Visions Prize – RIDM 2021


Available to rent until March 31

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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