La bouche de Dracula dans le film Anyab (Fangs)

Anyab (Fangs)

Mohammed Shebl
1981 - Musical - 100 min

International cinema

Anyab (Fangs)

North African Queer Film Festival

Egyptian Arabic

The North African Queer Film Festival is presented by Dhakira Collective.


A girl and her fiancé are on their way to a party of New Year’s Eve, but their car has an accident, and they find nowhere to go except a strange castle. They met there with many vampires, led by count Dracula, who instantly fall in love with the girl, wanting her for himself. The two lovers discover that Dracula is in Egypt in many forms and images to suck not the people’s blood but their money, as the typical profiteer of our modern days. Mohammed Shebl’s 1981 adaptation of The Rocky Horror  Picture Show isn’t just a cult classic, Anyab (Fangs) is an astute commentary on the Egyptian socio-political climate all wrapped up in disco, glam and vampire fangs!


Presented in collaboration with Fantasia International Film Festival.


Free entrance. First come, first served. Please let us know of your interest by replying to the Facebook event.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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