Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant

Ariane Louis-Seize
2020 - Genre film - 90 min

Homegrown cinema

Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant

Québec (Canada)

Sasha is a young vampire with a serious problem: she’s too humanistic to bite! When her exasperated parents decide to cut her off, her survival is threatened. Luckily for her, Sasha meets Paul, a lonely teenager with suicidal tendencies, who agrees to offer her his life. What was supposed to be an exchange of favours turns into a nocturnal epic in which the two new friends seek to fulfill Paul’s last wishes before sunrise.


Venice 2023 — Giornate degli Autori Director’s Award

FNC 2023 — Post-Moderne Grand Prize


The April 17th screening is free as part of National Canadian Film Day

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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