Photo de tournage du film Squat ! de Ève Lamont

Squat !

Ève Lamont
2002 - Documentary - 82 min

Affiche du film Squat ! d' Ève Lamont

Homegrown cinema

Squat !

Québec (Canada)

In the summer of 2001 in Montreal, in the midst of a housing crisis, homeless people, badly housed people and young activists cleared out and occupied a vacant building. In the name of the right to housing and the desire to live differently, a political squat took shape. Under the voracious eye of the media, some fifty squatters set about developing an alternative project, which was gradually jeopardised by the municipal administration. Beyond the clichés conveyed, this documentary takes an inside look at the history of the squat, the reality of the squatters and their vision of the world. (Tënk)

  • Friday, Jun 21

    Last chance - With Ève Lamont in attendance

FST - French subtitles
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