Image tirée du film Cœur brillant de Tarek Lakhressi

Queer Utopias

 - Courts métrages - 63 min

Image tirée du film Les filles destinées

International cinema

Queer Utopias

North African Queer Film Festival


The North African Queer Film Festival is presented by Dhakira Collective.


The films in this program combine the visual codes of science fiction, fantasy, imagination, poetic cinema, queer icons with representations of gender/queer and racial minorities to paint a critical portrait of our societies.


Les filles destinées

Valentin Noujaïm | 2021 | France | French with English subtitles | 28′

On the closing night of their favorite bar, Eden, Crystal and Ibtissame, experience strange events. Crystal mysteriously disappears, kidnapped by a purple star. Eden sets out to find the one she loves, only to discover that Crystal is trapped in a parallel and fantastic world..


Coeur brillant

Tarek Lakhrissi | 2023 | France | French with English subtitles | 13′

A young man, Jahid, runs away in the night from a dangerous biker and takes refuge in a strangely quiet museum. There he meets unusual characters and faces extraordinary events. Throughout this initiatory journey, Jahid confronts the improbable and goes through the exploration of beauty, political awareness as well as the surrounding danger…


Out of the Blue

Tarek Lakhrissi | 2019 | France | French with English subtitles | 13′

Tarek Lakhrissi’s futuristic narrative Out of the Blue takes place at a radical moment in time, when a politically conservative era is suddenly coming to an end. Lakhrissi avoids traditional apocalyptic narratives to meditate instead on the nature of transition itself. In the final scene, the film’s central character delivers a thoughtful speech exploring ideas of freedom and liberty, self-determination and queer futurity.


Vénus Rétrograde

Valentin Noujaïm | 2021 | France | French with English subtitles | 6′

Midnight sharp. Two radio journalissts host a dull cultural program. Lights are switched off. A gang of women invades the studio to broadcast a message: “One, two… One, two… This is a coup!” Venus Retrograde explores an erotic, queer coup d’etat through a campy aesthetic and futuristic themes.


Presented in collaboration with Revue Saha.


Free entrance. First come, first served. Please let us know of your interest by replying to the Facebook event.

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EST - English subtitles

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