LFFC: Short films

2022 - Courts métrages - 94 min

Lebanese Film Festival in Canada

LFFC: Short films

Arabic, French, English

We are pleased to join forces with the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada to bring you this wonderful selection of short films, curated by the festival team. The program consists of the following films:


A Broken Fan by Assaad Khoueiry

Lebanon | 2022 | Arabic with English subtitles | 12′

Adel, a desperate jobless father gets out on the streets of Beirut hoping for a change.


Bystander by Rachel Aoun

Lebanon | 2022 | Arabic with English subtitles | 13′

On a sunny July day in Beirut, Roger, a beloved basketball coach is on his way to work proudly carrying a box of chocolates to celebrate the birth of his son. His trip is disrupted when he witnesses a horrific act of violence on the street.


The Birds have left Beirut by Khalil Dreyfus Zaarour

Lebanon | 2022 | Arabic with English subtitles | 15′

Zeina, 40 year old mom of oliver 9 years old, husband to rodolphe 43 years old, living normally quietly in beirut until august 4 2020…the third most powerful explosion in history.


Shattered by Elyssa Skaff

Lebanon | 2022 | Arabic, French with English subtitles | 13′

What do we do about the broken parts inside us? This is the story of Yasmine. She often takes refuge in her imagination. After the Beirut explosion happens though, her coping mechanism does not work so well anymore…


Malika in Waiting by Marlene Edoyan

Lebanon | 2022 | Arabic, English with French subtitles | 42′

The film transports us into the life of Malika, a migrant worker from Sri Lanka living in Beirut. As she traverses a transformative moment of grief and loss, Malika is immersed in a deep moment of introspection which gives her the strength to carry on.


Exceptionally, tickets for this program are $5.

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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