Mahito et Himi s'étreignent dans une scène du film Le garçon et le héron

Le garçon et le héron

Hayao Miyazaki
2023 - Animation - 124 min

International cinema

Le garçon et le héron

Japanese, English

During the Second World War, young Mahito suffers a heartbreaking family tragedy and must move to the countryside, where his father works for a family that manufactures airplanes for the Japanese army. Isolated, Mahito begins to explore the mysterious landscapes around him and meets a mysterious gray heron who guides the boy to an abandoned tower. Curious, he enters the tower, and from then on the film unfolds in a marvelous and often breathtaking phantasmagoria.


Academy Awards – Best Animated Feature


Not recommended for young children

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

Cinéma Public,
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