Sandra Hüller dans une scène du film La zone d'intérêt.

La zone d'intérêt

Jonathan Glazer
2023 - Drama - 106 min

International cinema

La zone d'intérêt

United States, United Kingdom, Poland
German, Polish
Rudolf Höss is in charge of the Auschwitz camp. Alongside his demanding professional duties, he leads a quiet family life. His wife Hedwig tends the flowers and nags the servants; his children play in the sun; the neighbours come to tea. The nearby lake is the perfect setting for a bucolic swim. And beyond the wall of the magnificent garden, daily extermination takes place.
Festival de Cannes – Grand Prize
Academy Awards – Best Foreign Film, Best Sound
  • Saturday, Apr 20
    - FST

  • Saturday, May 11
    - FST

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles

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