FIFEQ - Program 2

Multiple filmmakers
2023 - Event - 95 min

Free program

FIFEQ - Program 2

Free admission, subject to availability.


Cinéma Public is delighted to welcome the FIFEQ ! Since 2003, FIFEQ-Montreal has been committed to democratizing visual anthropology and ethnographic cinema through a free film festival, entirely organized by volunteers with diverse backgrounds including anthropology, art history, filmmaking, and urban studies. This year, in its 20th edition, FIFEQ-Montreal offers a moment of resilience in the premise of the memory. In this pivotal phase of its history, the festival showcases the rich tapestry of cinematic and ethnographic realities it has presented over two decades.


Where Do I Belong 

Danika St-Laurent | 2023 | Canada | English | 5 minutes

Following on from her first film, We Are Not Speaking the Same Language, Danika explains what it’s like to be a displaced urban native.

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A Metis Toy Story

Samantha Loney | 2023 | Canada | English | 2 minutes

A new Métis action figure must stop a battle between a cowboy teddy and an indigenous wooden horse toy.


Back to Ste. Madeleine

Jack Belhumeur | 2023 | Canada | English | 9 minutes

Jack Belhumeur invites the audience to join him on his journey with his father and son to the land of their ancestral community. Jack tells the dark story of this place, but paints a brighter tale of a resilient, strong people with solid roots.

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Object of Study

Raúl Alaejos | 2024 | Groenland, Spain | English | 79 minutes

At the end of the 19th century, an American explorer, Robert Peary, believed that the only way to reach the North Pole was to have children with the Inuit, in order to create a “super-race” combining their strength with Western clairvoyance. In Object of Study, filmmaker Raul Alaejos is desperate to meet the descendants of this “super-race”. The film offers a confused and hesitating attempt to depict the posterity of Robert Peary.

World Premiere

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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