Des enfants s'amusent dans une flaque d'eau dans une scène du film Anticosti, l'école du bonheur ?

Anticosti, l'école du bonheur ?

Pauline Voisard
2023 - Documentary - 52 min

Homegrown cinema

Anticosti, l'école du bonheur ?

Québec (Canada)

A documentary that pays tribute to difference, to uniqueness, to the islanders who decide to live on Anticosti for a year, a decade or a lifetime. Through the microcosm of Saint-Joseph school in Port-Menier, we follow the experiences of young people in a multi-grade class – from pre-school to secondary three – through the eyes of teachers dedicated to this unusual education and life.

  • Friday, May 24

    Last chance

FST - French subtitles
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CC - Closed captions

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