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Wuhan Wuhan

Yung Chang

2021 / États-Unis / 95 min / Mandarin with English subtitles

When the city of Wuhan, China locked down at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was nearly impossible to get a clear sense of what was happening. But award-winning filmmaker Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) and a group of intrepid videographers were able to document life at the epicenter, including portraits of a couple expecting a baby, quarantined families in a byzantine shelter, dedicated medical workers, and a psychologist facing her own family crisis while helping patients with the unknown threat.

June 22 – 9PM With director Yung Chang attending SOLD OUT

Hygiène sociale

Denis Côté

2021 / (Québec) Canada / 76 min / French with English subtitles

Antonin is philosophical, seductive – and a petty crook. His world revolves around five women with different temperaments: estranged wife Églantine, sister Solveig, tax collector Rose, alluring Cassiopée and Aurore, the victim of one of his crimes. They take turns confronting Antonin, who can talk his way out of just about anything. 

June 23 – 9PM With Denis Côté attending SOLD OUT
July 2 – 9PM With Denis Côté attending Buy tickets

Nulle trace

Simon Lavoie

2021 / (Québec) Canada / 101 min / French and Arabic with French subtitles

A taciturn smuggler rides the rails on her handcar. Along the way she meets a young woman with a baby. The smuggler decides to help her get past the outlaw border guards. Making an unlikely pair, the brutalized women join forces to survive in a hostile world where the threat of violence is always lurking. Simon Lavoie’s sixth feature is a post-apocalyptic tale supported by excellent cinematography. We are immersed in a bleak world where everyone must fight to save their own skin.

June 24 – 9PM With Simon Lavoie and Monique Gosselin attending Buy tickets
June 29 – 9PM With Simon Lavoie and Nathalie Doummar attending Buy tickets

Don’t Worry, the Doors Will Open

Oksana Karpovych

2019 / Canada / 76 min / Ukrainian with French subtitles
In collaboration with RIDM.

Cinéma Public films en ligne en partenariat avec les RIDM

For her first feature, Oksana Karpovych adopts a prolific documentary sub-genre, the train film, to take the pulse of Ukraine, her native country. (Mubi)

June 25 – 9PM With director Oksana Karpovych attending Buy tickets


Emily Gan

2019 / Canada / 81 min / English, Mandarin, Hokkien and French with French subtitles
In collaboration with RIDM.

Cinéma Public films en ligne en partenariat avec les RIDM

In Cavebirds, the filmmaker tracks her father’s progress in building an edible-nest swiftlet birdhouse in his hometown – a small village in Malaysia he left more than half a lifetime ago. Together they explore the places they call home on opposite sides of the globe, while the birds fly unceasingly from scene to scene bridging the cultural and generational gaps between a daughter and her immigrant father.

June 30 – 9PM With Emily Gan attending Buy tickets

La nuit des rois

Philippe Lacôte

2020 / France, Ivory Coast, (Québec) Canada, Senegal / 93 min / French and Dyula with French subtitles

The MACA, Abidjan’s prison, one of the most overcrowded in west Africa. Aging and sick, the incarcerated Barbe Noire is an increasingly challenged kingpin. To keep his power, he reinstates the tradition of “Roman”, a ritual that forces a prisoner to tell stories throughout the night. A young pickpocket is chosen. “Roman” doesn’t know how to tell stories but he is haunted by a single tale, the Zama King tale, an urban legend that he begins to relate (and to invent) for several hours, his life in danger…

July 1st – 9PM With producer Yanick Letourneau and editor Aube Foglia attending Buy tickets
July 27 – 8:45PM With composer Olivier Alary
and sound designer Pierre-Jules Audet attending
Buy tickets

La déesse des mouches à feu

Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette

2020 / (Québec) Canada / 106 min / French with English subtitles

Sex, drugs, love and death – for Cat it’s a year of first times and radical experimentation. With her parents in the midst of a nasty divorce, the 16-year-old seeks solace and liberation in ecstatic states. (Mubi)

July 6 – 9PM With actress Marine Johnson attending SOLD OUT
July 14 – 9PM With director Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and
actress Kelly Depeault attending
July 23 – 8:45PM With actor Robin L’Houmeau and actress Éléonore Loiselle Buy tickets

Ainsi soient-elles

Maxime Faure

2019 / France, Canada / 75 min / French with English subtitles
In collaboration with RIDM.

Cinéma Public films en ligne en partenariat avec les RIDM

What remains of a life of struggles? The Helper Nuns of Quebec, who believe in God but not in a Church dominated by men, are preparing for the disappearance of their religious community.

July 7 – 9 PM With two Helper Nuns attending
(Gisèle Ampleman and Marie-Paule Lebel)
Buy tickets


Mira Burt-Wintonick

2020 / Canada / 88 min / English with French subtitles
In collaboration with RIDM.

Cinéma Public films en ligne en partenariat avec les RIDM

Wintopia is an intimate father-daughter story and poignant search for the meaning of utopia. Following the quick and tragic death of Peter Wintonick, Canada’s “documentary ambassador to the world”, his daughter Mira Burt-Wintonick dives into her father’s obsession with untangling the contradiction that is utopia. The remains of his unfinished film and several hundred hours of raw footage shot over 15 years leads Mira to surprising places and connections with her father, compelling all of us to live life with purpose.

July 8 – 9PM With Mira Burt-Wintonick attending Buy tickets


Elza Kephart

2020 / (Québec) Canada / 76 min / English with French subtitles
In collaboration with cELLEuloid.

A possessed pair of jeans is brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, Slaxx proceeds to wreak carnage on staff locked in overnight to set up the new collection.

July 9 – 9PM With director Elza Kephart attending Buy tickets

Errance sans retour

Olivier Higgins, Mélanie Carrier

2020 / (Québec) Canada / 87 min / Rohingya with French subtitles

The documentary film Wandering, a Rohingya Story is an immersive, poetic and powerful look into the biggest refugee camp in the world, the Kutupalong refugee camp. In 2017, within a few months, 700,000 people of the Rohingya Muslim minority fled Myanmar (formerly Burma) to escape genocide and seek asylum in Bangladesh. Between poetry and nightmares, food distribution and soccer games, the Rohingyas of Kutupalong camp bear witness to their daily lives and to the ghosts of the past.

July 13 – 9PM With editor Amelie Labrèche attending Buy tickets

Like a House on Fire

Jesse Noah Klein

2020 / Canada / 85 min / English with French subtitles

Dara returns home to reconnect with her husband and her young daughter, whom she left two years earlier. When she arrives, she discovers that a woman who is seven months pregnant has taken her place and that her daughter no longer recognizes her. LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE tells the story of a woman’s struggle to regain the life she left behind.

July 15 – 9PM With director Jesse Noah Klein attending Buy tickets

Habiter le mouvement – Un récit en 10 chapitres

Béatriz Mediavilla

2020 / Canada / 62 min / French, English and Spanish with French subtitles

This cinematographic voyage is a poetic and playful look at the beauty of ordinary movement and the great human choreography. Renowned French choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang went on tour in 2017, offering intergenerational workshops for non-dancers. Directed by Béatriz Mediavilla, this film in ten chapters draws us into the rich, artistic and intimate worlds of dance and movement. A gentle foray into time, space and the body.

July 16 – 9 PM With director Béatriz Mediavilla attending Buy tickets

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