Guslagie Malanda dans une scène du film SAINT OMER de Alice Diop

Saint Omer

Alice Diop
2022 - Drama - 122 min

International cinema

Saint Omer


A young novelist, Rama, must confront buried traumas as she attends the trial of a woman accused of infanticide. Pregnant herself and increasingly uncomfortable, Rama’s family history, doubts and fears about motherhood are revealed as the story of the alleged murderer unfolds.


Saint Omer is gripping, affirming, and incendiary in its deconstruction of the continued violence forced upon Black women in French society. It’s also one of the most accomplished and important debuts in some time, certain to confirm Alice Diop’s talent on the international stage. (TIFF)


Louis-Delluc prize 2022 for Best Film

Grand Jury Prize and Best First Film Award at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

France’s entry in the Oscar’s shortlist for Best International Film

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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