Decision to Leave

Park Chan-wook
2022 - Drama - 138 min

International cinema

Decision to Leave

South Korea
Korean, Chinese
French or English

Everything starts with a fall. A man who was climbing a mountain is found dead, crashed on the ground. Tragedy? Suicide? Homicide? Detective Hae-jun investigates the mystery. He is a gentle man, happily married and devoted to his work, the youngest inspector in Busan; a city of unsolved cases where crime rides high.


Making the case even smokier is Seo-rae, the elusive, charismatic, and impossibly attractive Chinese wife of the deceased, whose charm creeps under Hae-jun’s skin. In ways he could have never envisioned, their broken conversations — deciphered through smartphone translations, her composed gestures, and mysterious allure — upset his life little by little, making him fall mentally and emotionally.


Best director : Park Chan-wook – Cannes 2022

FST - French subtitles
EST - English subtitles
CC - Closed captions

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